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Dr Lucy Williamson: Freelance Nutritionist of the Year 2020

About Dr Lucy Williamson

Lucy originally trained and qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon.  She later went on to complete a Masters in Nutrition, registered, became a Registered Nutritionist and set up her own Freelance Nutrition Consultancy, combining her love of agriculture and farming with food and health.

“Having worked as a Vet for 15 years, I decided in 2015 to follow my growing passion for nutrition and public health, by studying for an MSc in Nutrition at King’s College London. Stepping away from a well-recognised career out into the lesser-known field of human nutrition, little did I know the extent to which my veterinary background would enable me to provide evidence-based nutrition support for our British food producers.” 

As part of her freelance consultancy work, Lucy developed Food LINKS; a project that aims to provide affordable evidence-based nutrition support to help communicate the health benefits of British produce.  Food LINKS creates opportunities for producers to diversity as they seek to adapt to changing food recommendations for public and environmental health.  Lucy works with crop producers as well as building up consumer awareness that dairy, beef and responsibly sourced fish all have a key role as part of a sustainable, balanced diet.  As an experienced vet, Lucy stands out as a freelance Nutritionist with a firm understanding of our agricultural systems and, therefore, the inextricable link between British food with its well-regulated high production standards and public health.

Why Lucy was nominated

Lucy’s Food LINKS initiative is giving vital support to British farmers as they face an uncertain future surrounding a new Trade Bill post-Brexit and adversity during Covid-19.  As a Registered Nutritionist with a veterinary background, she is becoming a highly valued asset, especially within the dairy industry where her unique combination validates her knowledge on aminal welfare, sustainable farming methods and even communicating the often misunderstood, nutritional qualities of dairy produce.

Issues such as climate change and increasingly conscious consumers provide constant challenges that British farmers are required to adapt to. Lucy helps them to overcome adversity and diversify. Lucy works in a collaborative manner to ensure best practice, just like Caroline Walker once did, engaging academics, other health professionals, industry, food producers and consumers.  She has used her various roles, such as an Ambassador for the ‘Love British Food’ campaign, to engage with public sector catering (NHS, Schools, and the Care Home sector).  Lucy also engages with colleagues at local hospitals to encourage British produce, the Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University and visits Hampshire local trout farms to become educated on their efficient farming systems.

Her work in industry is varied, just like Caroline Walkers was, from advising on senior year nutrition students to collaborating with chefs in producing energy-dense, nutrient-rich recipes.  Lucy also advises on barriers to healthy eating in older years and the ‘Food First’ and the ‘Grab it Try it Share it’ campaign reached a younger generation with ‘Grab-a-Bag’ fridges placed in gyms, fitness centre and the Dorchester NHS foundation. Lucy is involved in other projects in education as well, such as the Countryside Classroom Conscious Consumer project, a PSHE based initiative, in secondary schools, linking farming, food and society, inspiring future generations on farming, food and the countryside.  She also supports LEAF Education on several projects inspiring children in farming and food.

What Lucy has to say

“My growing Food LINKS initiative, enabling British farmers to effectively communicate the health benefits of their produce, has been particularly rewarding this year, given the challenges faced by many. Recognition by the Caroline Walker Trust of evidence-based work by Registered Nutritionists is invaluable in promoting public health; I am delighted and grateful to have been shortlisted,” commented Dr Lucy Williamson, RNutr.

I’m just overjoyed to have been given this award which recognises the importance of communicating the value of our fabulous British food for our future health, and the passion of those producing it, at the very start of the food chain. This year I have learnt more than ever, the value in working collaboratively to achieve more, especially when working freelance. I’m proud to be part of our profession reaching out together to inspire better health, and I look forward to forging stronger links between producers, consumers and good food. I can’t thank the Caroline Walker Trust enough for this opportunity”

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