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The 25th Anniversary Caroline Walker Trust Lecture

The 25th Anniversary CWT Lecture was held on 10th July 2014.  The theme of the lecture was “Eating Our Way to a Healthy Old Age.” The lecture was being kindly sponsored by King’s College London and London Metropolitan University. Association for Nutrition CPD endorsement has been applied for.  Speakers were:

  • Janice L Thompson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Exercise at Birmingham University
  • Cathy Forbes Advanced Specialist Dietitian, Food First Project Lead, SEPT Community Health Services, Bedfordshire
  • Lee Martin, Research Dietitian, King’s College London.


  • Healthy Eating – how is this defined, and how does it change as we age?
  • What do we currently know (and what do we not know) about the factors that influence dietary/eating behaviours of the diverse array of older adults living and ageing in the UK?
  • What can we do to tailor messages and methods so that we can effectively engage with older adults in optimising their dietary behaviours, and subsequently their health


The Trust has been fortunate to have hosted a number of lectures since it began in 1988, all of which have been given by distinguished scientists and policymakers. Each lecture highlights a specific important aspect of the relationship between good food and public health, but these are the opinions of those who give the lectures, not of CWT. All of these lectures are now available as PDF downloads. Although the PDFs are free, donations can be made via Virgin Money Giving and are much appreciated.


The text and tables contained in these lectures can be reproduced by anyone involved in providing food as long as an acknowledgement is made to the author.

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