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CWT announce Awards short-list

The Caroline Walker Trust (CWT) has great pleasure in announcing the shortlist for the 30th Anniversary CWT Awards to be held in London on 12 November 2019.

There were many fantastic entries this year, and our judges had their work cut out for them. We are delighted with the outcome of their recommendations following their intense scrutiny and insightful deliberations.

The CWT believes that this year’s awards showcase the passion, courage and conviction of those who work to improve the quality of our food and nation’s health, and for those who live in poverty. We were delighted to see such a range of innovative nominees, many of whom dare to challenge the status quo, each of which demonstrate their excellence by being distinctive and outstanding in their work.

Below are the entries which are now taking one step closer to gaining the title ‘Of the Year’ award.  Congratulations to everyone who entered and all those who have been short-listed.

We look forward to announcing the winners of each category in London on 12th November 2019. The CWT hope you will join us in recognising their efforts and contribution to improving the nation’s health. Please go to the event page for more information on joining us for the award evening.

Charity Food Campaigner of the Year

City Harvest
One Feeds Two

Food Hero of the Year

The Fruit and Veg Kids
Jason O’Rourke
Nutrition Scotland
Lyndsey Withers

Media Food Campaigner of the Year

Sabine Goodwin
Rhiannon Lambert
Early Start Nutrition
Pixie Turner
AfN Twitter

Nutritionist of the Year

Barbara Bray
Glenys Jones
Kawther Hashem
Greg Lessons
Louis Levy

Freelance Nutritionist of the Year

Claire Baseley
Barbara Bray
Shaleen Meelu
Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Laura Wyness

Allergies and allergen management meeting

SENSE will be holding the biannual meeting in London on 4 October 2019. The topic for discussion is Allergies and Allergen Management. The meeting is for Nutritionists and Dietitians who have an interest in Allergies and Allergens.

Lineup includes;
Ms Judy Moore, RD, R.Nutr., speaking on Allergies – an overview for adult and children. Judy will discuss the main allergic responses and provide case studies.
Ms Julie Mann, Head of Food Safety at Boparan. Julie will discuss Foodservice: How to manage the complexities and communicate with consumers.
Miss Alexi Poole, Head of Operations at Spoon Guru. Alexi will discuss technological solutions: What tools are available to help consumers.
Mis Michelle Victor Partner Leigh Day Solicitors. Michelle will discuss the legal perspective and in particular Natasha’s Law.

A panel discussion will follow on what can be done collaboratively.

Click here for the full programme.
SENSE members: free
Non SENSE members: £50

Register for this meeting, please contact Chris Hawkins [email protected]

AfN CPD has been applied for.

The Caroline Walker Trust 30th Anniversary Awards


This year, The Caroline Walker Trust is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an Awards Reception on 12 November at Chandos House, RSM in London. Our trust is named after the late, distinguished nutritionist, writer, and campaigner Caroline Walker, who inspired a generation of nutritionists and food campaigners, showing them that the public was interested in the academic science behind good food and improved diets.

The aim of our awards scheme is to recognise and celebrate distinctive and outstanding work in promoting public health which maintains and advances the standards of food and nutrition. The Nutrition Society, The Association for Nutrition and SENSE are supporting our award scheme. We are looking for nominations for the following categories;

  • Nutritionist of the Year
  • Freelance Nutritionist of the Year
  • Charity Food Campaigner of the Year
  • Local Food Hero of the Year
  • Media Campaigner of the Year
  • CWT Lifelong Achievement Award

For more information regarding the nominations please go to

Are you a potential CWT trustee

The CWT is currently looking for two new Trustees to join us. If you’re a Registered Nutritionist or a Registered Dietitian and can commit to six Board meetings a year, then please apply by sending your CV or the link to your LinkedIn profile to [email protected] outlining as to why you would make a good trustee in your covering email.

Here is our current Trustee Role Description to guide your application:

Overview of Trust

Salary: Voluntary/unpaid. Expenses incurred while travelling to meetings.

Hours: 4 – 6 Board meetings a year. Ad hoc committee meetings.

Tenure:  2 years, eligible for a further tenure.

Location: Central London

The Object of the Charity: to promote public health and in particular (though without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) to protect the quality of food for the public benefit.

The role of the Board of Trustees

  • To promote and administer the charitable object above by the specific powers outlined in governing document.
  • To receive assets from donors, safeguard them and apply them to the charitable purposes of The Caroline Walker Trust (CWT).
  • To keep proper accounts of all monies received and paid for on behalf of the Charity.
  • To make regulations for the management of the Charity and an awards scheme.
  • To assess the changing environment and approve the organisation’s strategic direction.
  • To keep a record of the proceeding of the Trustee’s meetings where decisions have been made.
  • The board must always act in the best interest of the trust.
  • The board must act as a group and not as individuals, making decisions as a collective.

Duties of a Caroline Walker Trustee (non-Officer)

  • To ensure the CWT complies with its governing document, charity law and other relevant legislation or regulations
  • To ensure the CWT pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.
  • To ensure the CWT applies its resources exclusively in the pursuance of its objects. 
  • To contribute actively to the board of trustees by giving firm strategic direction to the CWT, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agree targets.
  • To safeguard the good name and values of the CWT.
  • To ensure the Financial Stability of the CWT by being certain that the finances are adequate for its current needs and its short to medium term strategy.
  • To approve major policies, major actions of the organisation such as capital expenditure and major changes in activities and services.
  • Each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions.  This may involve leading discussions, identifying key issues, providing advice and guiding new initiatives, evaluating or offering advice on other areas, such as finance, marketing, law, pubic relations or nutrition in which the trustee has particular expertise.

Minimum Time Commitment

  • Trustees are expected to read over induction pack before their first board meeting.
  • Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings.  Board meetings are held 4 – 6 times a year after normal office hours.  Board meetings last for approximately two hours.
  • Meeting dates are arranged four months in advance.
  • Trustees may be asked to join one of the committees, including Judging Panel for the CWT Award, Fundraising and Event organising.
  • Trustees from a Nutrition or Dietetic background are expected to take part in updating of resources.
  • Trustees can claim out of pocket expenses incurred in travelling to meetings.

Person Specification

  • A commitment to the objectives and aims to the CWT.
  • A willingness to attend board meetings and ad hoc committee meetings.
  • Integrity and strategic foresight.
  • Good, independent judgement without conflict of interest or self-interest.
  • A willingness to speak your mind and to challenge any information put forward.
  • Provide candid and constructive criticism, advice, comments and praise.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to make collective decisions for the good of the Trust.
  • Previous board experience.

Please send your CV or the link to your LinkedIn profile to [email protected] with an outline as to why you would make a good trustee in your covering email.

Monitoring and restricting digital marketing of unhealthy products to children and adolescents (2019)

The latest evidence shows that children and adolescents are still regularly exposed to digital marketing of many unhealthy products. The WHO has just produced a report which describes current digital marketing strategies, the challenges arising from current practices, and some policy options to tackle digital marketing to children and adolescents.

Click here to download the report.

Bittersweet Brexit by the Food Thinkers

The Centre for Food Policy announce their first Food Thinkers of 2019 with Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, discussing Bittersweet Brexit – where are we heading with our food and farming? Chaired by Professor Tim Lang.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 23 January at 5.30pm, here at City, University of London.

With Brexit events moving so quickly, this talk will be a moving feast. The context is that UK food and farming could change more now and more quickly than in the last 70 years. Brexit is a moment of food system restructuring.

Dr Charlie Clutterbuck’s talk will focus on the role of human labour in farm and food provision, asking: (1) Why did it barely feature in UK politics of food when it is so central to how the food system actually works? (2) What does this say about UK food policy debate? (3) Was the silence about food labour part of what delivered the 2016 Brexit referendum vote? (4) What are the food labour issues which now need to be addressed, whatever happens in Brexit politics? (5) How can we make labour more central to

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