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The Caroline Walker Trust launches the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea

8 July 2020

The Caroline Walker Trust launches the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea fundraising event

The Caroline Walker Trust is delighted to announce the launch of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea, taking place over the summer, commencing from 8 July 2020, with the accompanying website www.worldshealthiestafternoontea.org.uk.  The aim is to raise funds for activities which will improve the provision of food for children living in poverty and low-income families during school holidays, term breaks, school closes and after school. 

Over 4 million children go hungry or have inadequate healthy food every school holiday, and that number is about to rise due to the continuing Covid-19 situation.  Over recent months food has been provided either via food vouchers or goodwill parcels from neighbours, teachers and charities.

“Unfortunately, it is unlikely the UK government will continue the voucher scheme for school meals after schools return in September.  Realistically, something more permanent is needed to ensure more children will have access to adequate healthy food post these summer holidays,” explains Kathy Lewis, Interim Chair at the Caroline Walker Trust.  “The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea is an event which anyone can participate in to raise funds for children who may go hungry post-summer.”

The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea is the Trust’s new annual fundraising event; however, it had to be delayed due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  Subsequently, the Trust decided to launch the event post easing of the lockdown and extend the duration of the fundraising period so it could raise funds for the autumn and winter 2020, along with the spring of 2021. 

“The ease of the recent lockdown means that people are now starting to meet other families and friends again.  The Caroline Walker Trust is inviting people to ‘get together’ either virtually or in Covid-19 safe environments, such as small picnics, popup stalls and walk-throughs, to raise funds to help children who have inadequate healthy food as a result of poverty, low incomes or the continued Covid-19 circumstances.” Kathy Lewis explains.

The Trust also recognises there is a disproportionate number of children in low socio-economic areas who are malnourished or overweight.  Often obesogenic environments in these areas encourage the purchase of cheap takeaways after school.  The national health survey confirms that teenagers living in low socio-economic areas have a higher intake of fat, saturated fat and salt, while low intakes of vital nutrients such as Calcium and Iron.  This poor-quality diet leads to a higher rate of obesity, malnutrition and health inequalities at an early age.

Monies raised from the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea will be spent on activities which

  • support and improve the quality of holiday food provision for children living in poverty;
  •        after school projects providing healthier food options for children from low income-based families; and      
  •      resources, information and expertise to enhance the quality of food and the improvement of the nation’s health.

The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea also aims to change the perception of the typical British afternoon tea as being unhealthy and is providing healthier afternoon tea recipes to encourage the uptake of healthier options for afternoon tea going forward.

The new website www.worldshealthiestafternoontea.org.uk features healthier recipes, how to host Covid-19 safe afternoon teas and sample menus, along with the projects, The Caroline Walker Trust is aiming to raise money to support.


Kathy Lewis, Interim Chair, The Caroline Walker Trust

[email protected] 07961 317 621

Notes to the Editor

  1. For more information on The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea go to www.worldshealthiestafternoontea.org.uk
  2.  The Caroline Walker Trust was founded in 1989 after the death of the distinguished nutritionist, writer and campaigner Caroline Walker.  Established to continue her work and in her spirit, the CWT works tirelessly to promote the improvement of public health through good food.
  3. The work of CWT is particularly targeted towards vulnerable groups and people who need special help.
  4. The Caroline Walker Trust Logo: